About Alamir Group

About Us


Al-Amir Group is committed to a quality process which is built upon continuous improvement of our business processes to ensure that our products and services MEET or EXCEED our customer’s expectations.


Al-Amir Group has a good relation with many banks, such as American Wellsfargo Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Jordanian Housing Bank for Trading and Finance, Jordan Commercial Bank…etc

Al-Amir Group executed projects with a budget total around 500 millions USD.

We are dealing with big names in the field of the logistics, securing our materials is one of our big interest, and via Kuwait, Turkey and Jordan.

Al-Amir Group is managing a big mesh for transporting materials from the United States, France, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Germany and Turkey which exceeds more than 15,000 Tons of different materials and equipments.


Al-Amir Group has a big design department which is responsible for:

All the design activities (Architecture, construction, mechanical, electrical diagrams) required in the projects as: built construction documents, performing site surveying, executing engineering drawing.



OUR Construction Capability Field Mainly in:

  • Power Plants Projects.
  • Multi-facilities Projects.
  • Substation Projects.
  • Overhead Transmission Lines Projects.
  • Distribution Residential Networks Projects.
  • Underground Feeders Projects.
  • Water and Sewer Projects.
  • Housing projects.
  • Development Managing.
  • To enhance the construction capability, Al-Amir Group has:

Batch Plants

Brick Factory

U.p.v.c  for Doors and Windows factory.