Civilian technologies Limited (CTL) Company

CTL Is the FIRST Private Iraqi Quality Assured Company who gain the ISO 9001-2000 certificate.

Our Quality Policy is committed to a quality process which is built upon continuous improvement of our business processes to ensure that our products and services meet our customer’s expectations.


CTL has a very efficient and flexible organization chart according to the projects’ type.

CTL Staff inside Iraq:

Our Management team consists of professionals, strong and entrepreneur who have accumulated many years of experience both in Iraq and the United States.

• CTL has more than 500 contracts with our sub-contractors.

• CTL Staff had been involved after the Gulf War in Iraq 1991 in many projects for rehabilitating the power plants all over Iraq.

• CTL Staff executed 42 projects including 12 substations within the year of 2006 which was considered as the worst security situation in Iraq.

Our Quality Objective:

A. Develop and Implement working process systems to track products flow result and status.

B. Conform to established requirements.

The key to the successful implementation is the individual employees who perform works and can truly control quality during project phases.

CTL empower employee to control quality through its quality policy and encourage upon communication between employees and management about quality improvement.

Our Management team consists of professionals and entrepreneur who have accumulated many years of experience both in Iraq and the United States, as the team served as the prime contractor to the National Electricity Administration in Iraq following the 1991 Gulf war.

The team managed to restore all damaged power Station and facilities for working status.


Substation's Projects:

  1. Al- Bdeer 16 MVA Substation.
  2. Al- Manteka Al-Sinaeya 31.5MVA Substation.
  3. Al-Hamza 31.5MVA Substation.
  4. Al-Hussein 31.5MVA Substation.
  5. Absiya 31.5MVA Substation.
  6. Eskan 31.5MVA Substation
  7. AL-Shafiya 16 MVA Substation.
  8. Al-Salahiya 16 MVA Substation.
  9. Fallujah East 31.5 MVA Substation.
  10. Fallujah Shuhada'a 31.5 MVA Substation.
  11. Al-Nasir Substation 31.5 MVA Substation.
  12. Police Academy 16 MVA Substation.
  13. Diala Nawfal 16 MVA Substation.
  14. Rania 31.5MVA Substation.


 Operation and Maintenance Projects:

  1. Wadi Eqab Project.
  2. Wadi Hajer Project.
  3. Namrood Project.
  4. Waillia Project.
  5. Hilla Project.
  6. Umara Project.
  7. Kut Project.
  8. Diwaniya Project.
  9. Khan Bany Saad Project.
  10. Taji Project.
  11. Kufa Project.
  12. Al-Khawarnaq Project.
  13. Al-Najaf Ufaqi Project.
  14. Nasiriya Project.
  15. Ramadi Project.
  16. Rifai Project.
  17. Semawa Project.
  18. Dora Project.
  19. Umm Qasser Project.
  20. Baquba Project.
  21. Kerbala Project.
  22. Karkuk Project.
  23. Khan Dharie Project.
  24. Russafa Project.
  25. Tikrit Project.
  26. Bassrah Project.


Towers Projects:

  1. Zafaraniya 33KV Project
  2. Baiji 33KV Project
  3. Hussainiya 33KV Project
  4. Babil 33KV Feeders
  5. ThiQar 33KV Feeders
  6. Taji – Saba Al-Bour 33KV Project
  7. Wassit 33KV Project
  8. Abu Ghareeb 33KV Project


Distribution Networks Projects:

  1. M218 Project
  2. Dora 1 Project
  3. Dora 2 Project
  4. Al-Eskanderea Project
  5. Diala 2 Project
  6. Diala 2 Project
  7. Dakok Project
  8. Mahalla 214 Project
  9. Mahalla 216 Project
  10. Mahalla 309 Project
  11. Saha Kafaat Project
  12. Badaa Project
  13. Al-Husseiniya Project
  14. Fedhelia Project
  15. Mahall 123 Project
  16. Mahall 208 Project
  17. Mahalla 621 and 623 Project
  18. Mahalla 313 Project
  19. Mahalla 310 Project
  20. Mahalla 312 Project


Underground Feeders Projects:

  1. Bab Al-Sharki Project
  2. Yarmouk Project
  3. Al-Jehad Project
  4. Al- Washash Project
  5. Al-Rashidiya Project
  6. Abu Nawas Project
  7. Abu Nawas 2 Project
  8. Kadhimiya Project
  9. Al-Khaleej Project
  10. Al-Obaidy Project
  11. Moalemeen Project
  12. Moalemeen 2 Project
  13. Wazereiya Project
  14. Bab Eshtar Project
  15. Abara Project
  16. Ta'ameem Project
  17. Kerbala Project
  18. Najaf Project
  19. Jadreia Project
  20. Khelani Project
  21. Hammad Shehab Project
  22. Rekheta Project