AlZakoura Engineering Company ZEC


Al Zakoura Company (ZEC) as one of Al Amir Group companies, is a leading engineering company established in Amman-Jordan, was established in 2010, the challenge was to provide a range of engineering services such as the trading of materials and equipment, engineering designs, engineering consultation to meet the needs and aspirations of engineering companies.

ZEC engineering staff is working with different engineering sections and activities, and divided according to each section effort to ensure smooth flow of work, taking into consideration using the personnel to their top ability & creativity in their assigned post in the company.

Al Zakoura company intentions are:

  • Al Zakoura staff is Management and Execution of engineering projects on turn key basis.
  • Engineering consultation and design.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Financial business and management of investment projects.
  • Procurement and trading of equipment, tools and materials.
  • Training for engineers and technicians according to the requirements needed.
  • Commercial agencies.
  • Logistics activities.

Al Zakoura Company with its affiliated sister engineering company Civilian Technologies Limited (CTL) and the other companies in Al Amir Group can offer a very strong partnership in execution of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering projects in all over Iraq.