Industrial Techniques Engineering Electromechanically company (ITECO)

Established in Baghdad/Iraq in the year 1994, Al-Hadaf (now ITECo) had started its operations in the design and production of basic electrical distribution and control panels depending on its in-house capabilities backed up by its motivated and dedicated team of professional engineers, technicians and highly skilled workers.


Due to the hostile environment in Iraq after the gulf war, ITECo decided to have another base in Amman/ Jordan. New production unit was established in King Abdullah Industrial City in Amman with all facilities in terms of plant, hi-tech machinery and testing laboratories.


We have extended and flourished our capabilities to offer highly reliable and dependable products while conducting an elaborate research on the materials and components used and looking after best quality and safety measures.


All of our products are designed, developed and type tested in accordance with the latest applicable IEC and BS standards to ensure optimal performance of our

products and to meet the expectations of our customers for quality and budget.


Among the Middle East Region ITECo, an ISO 9001:2000 and a Siemens Licensed Company today is rated as one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of LV and MV switchgears, kiosk compact and mobile substations and a wide spectrum of many other products.


Through its sound infrastructure facility and rich industry experience, ITECo has been granted a partner license from Siemens Actiengesellschaft/Germany to manufacture medium voltage switchgears in its factories to cover the territory of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.


Manufacturing Plant:

The main manufacturing equipment and facilities of ITECo’s production plant include but not limited to:

• Latest CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) metal fabrication machine.

• Bending machines.

• Corner forming machine.

• Powder painting plant.

• Metal spray facilities.

• Electroplating facility.

• Cable trays machine.

• Cutting Machines.

• Lathe machine.

• Plastic injection machine.



ITECo is ISO 9001:2000 certified by CGS and supported by its own state-of-the-art

infrastructure that includes well equipped production units in Amman/Jordan and in

Baghdad/Iraq backed up by well trained engineers, quality inspectors, technicians,

marketing and administration staff working in synchronization with each other.

Using the latest technologies and upgrading the skills of the employees all the way,


ITECo has successfully and efficiently maintained a proper quality process for its

business to meet the requirements of the client as far as budget and time are concerned.

Our production unit is well supported by requisite design and tooling facilities to enable us to manufacture products without any defect or shortage.



Everybody in ITECo is responsible and accountable of safety just as they are for quality, production and schedules. Every employee is trained to work safely regardless of the hazard. It is the policy of ITECo to strive for the highest safety standards. Believing that safety does not come by chance, we endeavor to:

– Recognize the fact that accident prevention is an integral part of our production business.

– Provide a safe and healthful work environment.

– Maintain an aggressive and a proactive Safety Program backed up by periodic employee training, safety inspections, incident investigation, first aid training and safety bulletins.

– Basically, we look for total safety culture.


We believe that Safety and Health are fundamental issues to the success of our company


Design & Quality:


As an ISO certified company, continued quality is a trade mark of ITECo products. Our professional team of engineers and technicians work continuously towards designing and producing of world-class products.


Total quality assurance system and control measures are adapted to maintain quality in all stages of the manufacturing process from the procurement of the raw materials to the delivery of finished products.


ITECo products are all designed in accordance with the relevant IEC and BS standards to adapt customer requirements and specifications. A team of designers work on the verification and evaluation of these designs to ensure quality, reliability and competitive cost.


We have a well developed quality test laboratory equipped with the latest test equipment, all periodically calibrated, to test products for insulation, resistance, tripping and all other quality parameters.


Test Equipment:

ITECo established a well equipped test lab in its production plants to meet the requirements of proper testing of its products according to the applicable standards. All test equipment are periodically calibrated according to the manufacturers recommendations. The list of test equipment comprises but not limited to the following:

• Primary current injection tester (2000Amp-30V).

• Primary current injection tester (2000Amp-3V).

• Programmable secondary current injector (100A).

• Hi- Pot tester (100 kV AC).

• Hi- Pot tester (60kV DC).

• Hi- Pot tester (40kV DC).

• DC HV test kit 150 KV

• Insulation tester (500-2500 V).

• Insulation tester (2.5-5 kV).

•11kV insulation &continuity tester.

• CB time graph.

• CB Analyzer.

• TR capacitance & dissipation factor tester (2.5-12 kV).

• TR turns ratio.

• TR winding resistance.

• Stick switch telescope.

• IEC Short circuit & earthing system 3-ph.

• Signal generator for transducer test.

• Milliwat detector for RTU commissioning.

• Earth resistance tester.

• Oil brake down tester.

• SF6 leakage detector.

• CB vacuum for SF6 filling.

• SF6 Filling set.

• Micro-ohmmeter (100 A).

• AVO meter (1000A).

• Various types of multimeters and clampmeters.

• Set of laptops- serial RS 232 & parallel printer port.


Our Clients:

ITECo has been successfully providing products to various industries like electrical generation and distribution industries, oil and chemical industries, equipment manufacturers, builders etc.


As an example, we have supplied 11kV and 33kV switchgears, 11/0.4kV compact kiosk substations, 132/33kV and 132l11kV mobile substations and many other products to the Ministry of Electricity and Ministry of Oil/Iraq.


We have established a distinctive reputation through the satisfaction of our clients in the private and public governmental sectors.


Our Products


Mobile Substations:

Completely self-contained trailers-mounted substations for emergency or temporary services to quickly and safely restore electrical power.


The substation is normally comprised of HV & LV disconnectors, main transformer, power circuit protection, metering, relaying, AC & DC auxiliary power, surge protection and cable reeling. The mobiles are constructed to the limits of the State road regulations requirements as far as physical parameters (height & width) are concerned.

The mobile substations are constructed in various types and ratings, 132/33kV and 132/11kV (16-35 MVA) and 33/11kV (5-16MVA). Special design features can be implemented according to the requirements and specifications of the clients.



Air-insulated metal-clad switchgears with independent lockable shutters and insulated busbars,

• Up to 36kV.

• Single or double busbar.


• Busbar rating up to 4000A

• Short circuit rating up to 50kA.


The switchgears are designed and tested in accordance with relevant IEC and BS standards and had been short-circuit proven through recognized laboratories.

With its vast experience over the years, ITECo attained a superior position with its quality switchgears. Such position allowed ITECo to be granted a Siemens License to be the soul authorized firm manufacturers and distributors of Siemens

Actiengesellschaft/ Germany MV switchgears to the territories of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.


Kiosk Packaged Substations:

Compact packaged substations are self-contained galvanized metallic construction, environmentally controlled and comprise MV switchgear or MV termination box, transformer and LV switchboard. The transformer is close coupled to the switchboard providing a compact and cost effective solution for the electrical distribution system. Kiosk substations can be manufactured in various configurations to suit the available space and are suitable for use on industrial, commercial and resident complexes sites.


General Features:

• Steel structure with galvanized sheet metal housing.

• Whole kiosk removable lifting lugs.

• Internal & External Lighting.

• Internally partitioned and thermally insulated.

• Removable transformer’s compartment roof.

• Efficient natural ventilation system.

• Corrosion protection through reliable powder coating.


These kiosk type substations can be constructed in different ratings, 11/0.4 kV &

33/0.4 (250KVA to 2000KVA) and any other specifications or features as required by the client.


Distribution Panels and Controls:

ITECo manufactures sheet steel, dust and vermin proof precision engineered standard and customized distribution and control panels to meet operational requirements of the electrical industry. Our products are cost effective, safe with simple operation and demands minimum maintenance. All of these panels come with highly dependable quality parts from well recognized manufacturers.

• LV Main Distribution Panels.

• Metering Panels.

• Control and Relay Mimic Panels.

• Transformer Protection Panels.

• Lighting Panels.

• Automatic Main Failure Panels (AMF).

• Motor Control Centers (MCC).

• Auto/Manual Synchronization Panels.

• Power Factor Control Panels

Battery Chargers:

Enclosed in sealed metal enclosures, we produce battery chargers to suit all loads requirements,


• 24-220V DC rating.

• Ni-Cad batteries.

• Hi-Lo-Constant voltage rate of charge.

• Naturally or fan cooled.

• Wall or floor mounted.

• Over/Under and earth fault alarms.

Cable Trays:

ITECo is a reputed name engaged in the manufacturing of high quality cable trays which are used for installation of all types of power and control cables for large industries. The raw materials used in fabrication of these cable trays include steel and aluminum sheets.

General Features:

• Standard and customized sizes according to client requirements.

• Can be fabricated to any desired length up to 6 m.

• Fabricated in mild steel, galvanized steel or aluminum.

• Painted with grey enamel or powder coated as per requirement.

• Manufacture accessories such as clamps, connecting parts, supporting angles etc.