AL-Kahlaa Electric Station

Information about the station : AL-Kahla Existing Station (KV400) Located in Iraq's southern province of Maysan and the station is about 20 km far from the city center, the work began on the current system in 2006 and lasted for two years and finished work in 2008, a modern plant with new technology and consists of the following: • Two Diameters • Two Power Transformers (250 MVA) 400 /132 / 11 KV • Three 400 KV OHTL • Four 132 KV OHTL The CTL company which is the secondary Contractor of ABB implementation of civil works for expansions of the new station. The new expansion exceeds the size of current station three times and especially the number of cutters session and other components for networks system lines 400 kV and also 132 kV, while the remaining number of main power transformers equal to what is in the current system and this means that the new system be the ability of 1000 MVA, which is a large capacity for installed station by the national electricity system, which amounts to 110 MW. Station located on an area of about 165,000 square meters and the company CTL implementation of all civil works, which include the following actions: i. Site survey and verification of specifications. ii. Open roads and facilitate access to the site. iii. Generation sewerage and sanitation. iv. Water supply and water distribution networks. v. Construction of roads ,walkways and parking. vi. Processing and creation of cable trenches ,canals and pipes buried. vii. Casting of the foundations , towers foundation and transformers foundations and the number of devices 1006 base basis and about 23 different kind of foundation. viii. Generation and separate oil processing system. ix. Generation command and control buildings and a garage machinery and vehicles.


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