Bureau Veritas

Baghdad Liaison Office

  1. Definition of the functions and the responsibilities

According to the GPSI (GPSI: Government Program for the Supervision of Imports), the Liaison Office represents Bureau Veritas GSIT Division towards COSQC, other Authorities and the private operators in the importing country for the program.

Functions include the following duties but they are not limited to the description below:-                    PARTNERS BV - Authorization Letter

  • Keeping permanent relationship with the Authorities concerning the contractual obligations.
  • Maintaining day to day contacts with importers and dealing with any of their complaints.
  • Maintaining updated records upon modifications received from authorities.
  • Receiving, verifying, forwarding to the appropriate BV office the requests (Request for verifications) submitted by the importers or Authorities.
  • Printing certificates and dispatching them and copies according to the Authorities' requests.
  • Coordinating and following up files in progress with the concerned BV office.
  • Representing BUREAU VERITAS GSIT in all meetings organized by the local authorities.
  • Making sure that this procedure and the relevant technical instructions are being enforced.
  • Ensuring that the Authorities and the economic operators understand the complete BUREAU VERITAS GSIT / Bureau Veritas' working process.
  • Implementing and following training programs for the personnel.
  • Assuring administrative and operational assistance to the LO manager (including expenses management).
  • Preparing and/or transmitting periodical reports to the authorities within the time agreed (with copy to BUREAU VERITAS GSIT HO).
  • Supervising local subcontractors (if any).
  • Defending bureau Veritas' GSIT interest and image of the GPSI.
  • Informing BUREAU VERITAS GSIT HO of the latest instructions and regulations as issued by the authorities which are enforceable within the GPSI.
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  • Taking into consideration any kind of claims which may be oral or written, from importers or authorities and proceeding as per GSIT PG 06.
  • Maintaining a quality policy in line with BUREAU VERITAS GSIT Head Office monthly reporting.

In addition to the above functions, the Laison Office:

  • Must have commercial and service oriented attitude towards importers, this includes organization of seminars for importers, customs clearing agents, chambers of commerce to familiarize the user groups with the requirements.
  • Performs all its duties, with diligence, accuracy and confidentiality, within the required delays (cf. written signed by all LO officers).
  • Manages sub offices related to the GPSI program. In this regard, the LO in responsible for the following activities:- 
  1. Establishing and running offices at the main border points (EPO: Entry point office).
  2. Establishing and running a vehicle inspection station (VIS) in Iraq.
  3. Establishing and running a tyres laboratory (TL) in Iraq.



There shall be no discrimination and all importers and their files must be treated in accordance with the rule, regulations and BV Group Quality Management Systems / Procedures. GSD has laid down specific operating procedures for PSI contracts and these must be applied. No exception is permitted without the express permission of Bureau Veritas GSIT Head Office.

  1. Working procedure

2.1 Request for verification

The Liaison office is responsible for the appropriate handling of the requests of verification in Iraq. Also, the Liaison office is responsible for the following:-

Data verification of requests of verification given by the importer.

Transfer of requests of verification data and scans to the relevant Bureau Veritas office.

Amendment recording in ATLAS.

Agreement between the importer and the Liason office.

The importer fills in the  requests of verification to which the proforma invoice is attached.

Additional information may be requested when necessary.

For all internal operations, the LO refers to its own specific instructions which reflects BV GSIT quality procedures.

2.2. Files Co-ordination

The liaison office must follow up on all ongoing files in order assist importers.

The liaison office questions directly the ATLAS programme to obtain instantly a file status which can be transmitted to the client when required.

For all internal operations, the LO refers to its own specific instructions.

2.3 This part is certainly the most sensitive task and it must be dealt carefully and personally by the LO Manager in coordination with BUREAU VERITAS GHIT HO.

For these operations, the LO refers to CDG PG 06.

2.4 Control of Certificate

The Liaison office is responsible for the following:-

Checking that certificates are complete before printing (no data missing and no contradicting information)

Printing certificates

Singing and stamping the original copies, affixing the BUREAU VERITAS GSIT Hologram (where required), recording in BV IT system the unique number of the hologram and of the security .

Dispatching the certificates.